Lady Gaga to Tim Tebow: 'That's What the F**k a Champion Looks Like'

Lady Gaga to Tim Tebow: 'That's What the F**k a Champion Looks Like' Take a college-style offense into the pros and actually win with it, and you're likely to get some attention. Win games as a quarterback despite some pretty bad passing stats, and you might earn some controversy. Pray on the field after you do just about anything, and you're likely to spark some debates.

Such was the season of Tim Tebow, as the Heisman winner took over the starting job in Denver about halfway through the season. He quickly became one of the most talked-about figures in all of sports, earning both fans and enemies along the way to a spot in the playoffs and, ultimately, a win in the first round against Pittsburgh.

But Tebow definitely has one big fan, and she goes by the name of Lady Gaga.

Yes, really.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter yesterday to show her support of Tebow. Here's her (slightly NSFW for language) tweet:

There you have it. That pretty much settles the debate, doesn't it? If Lady Gaga says you're a champion, you're pretty much a champion.

Of course, the Broncos still have to go through the Patriots again before they get to the Super Bowl, and even Jesus knows that the Patriots are a tough team to beat.