'The Last Stand' of a Disgraced Arnold

Call it symbolic or call it annoying. Either way, Arnold Schwarzenegger is apparently going to make another bid for your attention and your dollars with a new western called "The Last Stand," after being publicly disgraced for admitting that he had fathered a love child during his term as California's Governor, while married to Maria Shriver.

According to reps from Lionsgate, Arnold will star as an aging sheriff who battles a drug cartel on a border town.

"It's an old-fashioned Western specifically designed for a 63-year-old broken-down guy with a moral decision whether Arnold decides to stand up for his town. We always needed an iconic figure for it," the unnamed rep told Deadline.

Liam Neeson was reportedly originally slated to star in the film, but negotiations fell through over money. It was just a couple months ago that we reported Arnie's reps were telling the press that he was putting his career on hold for a while.

"Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes 'Cry Macho,' 'The Terminator' franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides."

Apparently time (and, undoubtedly, an estimated $100 million divorce settlement) have changed things for the former Governator.

"The Last Stand" will be directed by critically acclaimed Korean director Ji-Woon Kim. Back in February, Kim told Comingsoon.net about his vision for the film.

“My concept for ‘The Last Stand’ is that it’s kind of a combination of ‘Die Hard’ and ‘High Noon’ where [the latter] was about protecting something very important that needs to be protected, while ‘Die Hard’ is a very drawn-out, long process that almost kills someone in the process… ‘The Last Stand’ would be where someone puts their lives on the line to protect something that’s very important and it will be a bit more optimistic film in that regard.”

Hopefully this new film won't be nearly as optimistic as Arnie's work in "The Pump."

Will you go see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new movie, or have you written him off for being a sleazebag? Do you think now is the best time for Arnold to be making "The Last Stand"? Let us know in the comments.