Let Anne Hathaway Sing To You in the First Trailer for 'Les Miserables' (VIDEO)

It's the moment that musical fans everywhere have been waiting for/dreading with every fiber of their beings: the first trailer for "Les Miserables" is out!

Considering the fact that the stage musical is one of the most successful and most beloved Broadway musicals ever, the movie has a good amount of buzz about it. Even if it weren't, there's always interest in Hollywood musicals because of the celebrity song and dance factor.

In fact, there was buzz early on as pop country star Taylor Swift was being considered for a role, but was eventually passed up.

In this adaptation, we'll be hearing Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried sing, among many others. The movie's director, Tom Hooper, noted earlier on that the stars of the film would be singing live on set as opposed to in a studio, in order to get vocal performances that are more tied to the physical performances. Basically, that means that everybody had better be pretty good at singing.

The trailer only gives us a preview of one performer, and that is Anne Hathaway. The star of the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" soundtracks the trailer with "I Dreamed a Dream," set to images of the rest of the cast. All in all, it looks pretty epic.

How does Hathaway sound to you? Thumbs up/down?

Check out the "Les Miserables" trailer below: