Liberty Ross Inadvertently Gives Artist a Big Break

When “Snow White and the Huntman” beauty and tragic wife figure Liberty Ross recently Instagramed a photograph, her upload did more than draw attention to her husband Rupert Sanders’ infidelity.

The picture featured a crying Disney Snow White sprawled on the ground, guzzling liquor or wine from the bottle.

Ross captioned the photo with “Not so pretty or so pure after all…”

The picture was quickly removed, and while got a little lost amongst all the you-know-what flying around during the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up, attention is turning now to the artist of the piece, José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros.

The Mexican artist is drawing some serious interest for his controversial depictions of the beloved Disney characters so many of us grew up with and probably never wanted to see like this.

In addition to drunken Snow White, the Internet is plastered with his homage to “Total Recall” with a strutting, three-breasted Jessica Rabbit, Disney Princesses Belle and Jasmine making out, and a Cinderella wardrobe malfunction.

His depictions range from kind of funny, like Prince Charming receiving botox injections or well-groomed Lady taking a dump on a nice green lawn, to downright upsetting, such as a tiny, sad Bambi curled beside his bleeding, still mother.

The pictures are from the artist’s new show, “Disasterland,” and a few good gasps are sure to be had. But, despite varied opinions, there is no doubt the art is attention getting, and Liberty Ross did Ontivero a good turn with her unintentional shout-out.

Click here to view the “Disasterland” page and explore a little more of Ontiveros’ work. Just make sure the kids aren’t looking over your shoulder, or you’re going to have more than a little explaining to do.