'Lights Out' Gets Knocked Out While 'Fringe' Is Renewed

'Lights Out' Gets Knocked Out While 'Fringe' Is Renewed It is both a sad day and a great one as we receive news on two great shows, one of them cancelled and the other renewed.

The critically-acclaimed boxing drama "Lights Out" has been cancelled by parent network FX after the show failed to bring in the ratings necessary to keep it afloat. It's sad to see a show with such promise be knocked out in the first round, especially when FX is creating lots of amazing original content and not having a lot of success: "Terriers" was another terrific show that didn't get renewed due to poor ratings, even with excellent reviews from critics.

It would have seemed that "Lights Out" was perfectly set up to draw an audience, what with the success of the Oscar-nominated "The Fighter."

At least FX seems to be having success with its other original shows such as "Justified," "Archer" and "Louie" (which are also amazing. Seriously, these guys can't miss!).

The good news is that FOX's sci-fi drama "Fringe" has been renewed for its fourth season! The news came via Twitter as executive producer J.H. Wyman tweeted "Fringe was picked up!!!! Thanks Fringdom!"

The renewal of Fringe is a bit surprising as it had been moved to a Friday timeslot this season, and Friday is usually where TV shows go to die. But hey, "Fringe" seems to operate outside of the normal parameters of reality anyway, so it's not surprising that they've cheated the Friday Death.

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