Lil' Wayne Imposter Fills In On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Lil' Wayne Imposter Fills In On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Lil' Wayne's a busy guy. We'd probably all just excuse him mixing up a date and time here and there, and maybe missing an appointment as a result.

Luckily, when life hands Jimmy Kimmel lemons, he tosses them and makes Kool-Aid. The multi-platinum rapper missed a scheduled "Jimmy Kimmel Live" interview last night, so the ABC late-night host made the best of what was around.

To be specific, he picked out a random audience member named "Carl," dressed him in a dreadlock wig that would make Dave Chappelle cry and a borrowed baseball cap, and trotted out "Lil' Wayne" for a chat.

Carl wouldn't have exactly passed the written exam for Weezy 101 (and somewhere, a Disney Channel programming executive just awkwardly named a new prime-time tween're welcome.) After claiming he was late because he was rocking out too hard to the radio, "Wayne" told Kimmel when asked that he spent eight months locked up for "speeding" (that would be "criminal possession of a gun and marijuana") and that he read "To Kill A Mockingbird" in prison (sure, why not?). Apparently, Wayne did his time in scenic "Northridge" Penitentiary (*ahem* that would be Riker's Island) and didn't lift weights or exercise much while he was there.

Give Carl credit, though: he only missed Wayne's hometown by a word. The "New" is fine, but it's "Orleans" after that, not "York."

For what it's worth, if the word "Live" in the show's name does in fact mean "live," then Wayne may be off the hook: he performed last night with Cee Lo in Los Angeles as part of a major online-simulcast concert event.

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