'Lincoln' Teaser Offers First Footage of Daniel Day-Lewis as Honest Abe

Four score and seven weeks ago (maybe, I'm totally estimating), we posted a picture that someone snapped of Daniel Day-Lewis looking very much like Abraham Lincoln. Day-Lewis was dressed as such because he had been cast in Steven Spielberg's historical epic "Lincoln," and Day-Lewis is one of those method actors.

In any case, the resemblance was uncanny, and knowing the kind of magic that could happen if one of the world's greatest directors teamed up with one of the world's greatest actors, we were excited.

Now the teaser trailer is out, giving us even more reason to be giddy about the prospect of this movie. There's not much to the trailer, but it sets the mood: this is going to be an epic, sweeping, emotional, sometimes dark film. The Civil War will clearly play a big role, and people will dramatically walk away from President Lincoln, turn back for one last look, and then continue walking. We're betting that happens at least three times.

One interesting thing about the trailer is the voice-over, which is clearly not Day-Lewis. Could that be Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Todd Lincoln? If so, why does he sound southern?

In any case, expect big things from this one. "Lincoln" is expected to release on November 16, and also stars "Mad Men" star Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field and others.

Check out the teaser below: