Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Join 'Scary Movie 5'

Is Lindsay Lohan going to be the next Anna Faris? Wait... can we even say that, since Lohan was a big deal way before Faris was?

There were rumors a while back that Lohan might be joining the cast of "Scary Movie 5," but a deal hadn't been made yet. However, E! is now reporting that Lohan is indeed going to be in the horror comedy franchise's latest installment.

Not only that, but she'll be joined by fellow once-crazy (and possibly still crazy... okay, PROBABLY still crazy) celeb Charlie Sheen, making for a meltdown-to-comeback-story one-two punch. Sheen appeared in "Scary Movie 4" as well, but his character was killed off. No word yet if he'll be back as a different character, but this is "Scary Movie" so who knows? Logic doesn't apply much here.

The real question is what role Lohan will take seeing as the face of the franchise, Anna Faris, will not be returning for this fifth installment. Could "Scary Movie 5" be considering Lohan for the lead, taking over for Faris? Or will she just be another celebrity cameo to be axed?