Lindsay Lohan Fighting 'Dogs in Pocketbooks' Movie

Lindsay Lohan might have a movie coming out soon. Except that she doesn’t star in it!

There is a biopic in the works – actually, it’s not a biopi, but “based” on Lindsay Lohan’s life. The lead role was just cast, and it is Lydia Hearst Shaw, who is a close look-a-like to Lindsay in her red hair days.

The movie is even titled already as "Dogs in Pocketbooks."

There’s one snag, however. Dina Lohan has already been talking about lawsuits and suing the production company over the movie. Why? She thinks they are using and trashing Lindsay’s likeness without permission and unfairly.

Hmmm…who went to rehab four times?

According to TMZ:

Now we've learned Lohan's family lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, has been contacted by the Lohan family and it seems Ovadia thinks they have a case:  "They are again using her likeness without her being compensated."

Ovadia adds, "Not only that but they are advertising the fact that they are using her likeness."

Dina warns, "Anyone bringing negativity will be dealt with accordingly."

It seems to me that Lindsay – and the family – have brought on the negativity all by themselves. From the way they act to the way they play the media circuit against each other.

Do you think they can actually sue and win against a movie?

Lindsay did win in the E*Trade lawsuit where they used the name Lindsay in a commercial. I guess stranger things have happened.

Would you watch a movie based on Lindsay’s life or have you seen it all in the tabloids already?