Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Snuck Booze Around In Wrecked Porsche

The shock isn't even what she did. It's the way she really thought she'd get away with it.

It stands to some reason that with a considerable fortune, one has a few more resources at one's disposal to get away with things one's really not supposed to be doing. So, if what Perez Hilton reports stands up, it's reasonable to wonder what Lindsay Lohan is doing trying to sneak booze around with her in a manner befitting a high school student.

Hilton reports this afternoon that among other emerging details, both law enforcement officers and the driver of the 18-wheeler the "Mean Girls" star struck claim that the actress was toting vodka around in a clear water bottle confiscated from Lohan's wrecked Porsche's trunk.

Yes, that's right. An actress that's earned millions making movies was carrying around booze in a not-so-covert manner more commonly employed by people that sneak booze from their parents' liquor cabinets? Really? This was the best you could come up with?

Since it was in the trunk of her car, she technically didn't break any laws. It remains to be confirmed how anybody in charge of her DUI and theft probation feels about her not only wrecking a rented vehicle, but doing so while transporting booze.

This all follows this past weekend's claim by Lohan that it was brake failure that caused her Friday wreck on California's Pacific Coast Highway. That claim is a revision on her story that the truck driver cut her off in traffice and caused the accident himself.

This would be the same accident for which she initially claimed it was her assistant and not her behind the wheel. Also, the other driver and witnesses claim that Lohan's people tried to pay him off before police could arrive.

Again, though...water bottle? If most people had Lohan's checkered battles with the bottle, they would just slap themselves with a "No Liquid-Meals On Wheels" rule. Did she figure she might at some point have to toast changing a tire on the roadside?

When the accident occured, Lohan was en route to filming Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton biopic "Liz & Dick," featuring herself as the Old-Hollywood icon and Grant Bowler as her "Cleopatra" co-star and twice-over husband.