Lindsay Lohan Rushed to Hospital After Car Crash

Is LiLo okay? TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was taken to the hospital this Friday afternoon after a fairly serious car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. Pictures released from the scene show that Lohan's Porsche is totaled, with the hood of the car completely torn up.

As for Lohan's condition, reports say that she's okay, although she and her assistant were both injured and bleeding when they were taken to the hospital. They weren't taken by ambulance, so apparently the injuries weren't too serious.

Lohan was allegedly driving the car, and was cut off by an 18-wheeler, causing the crash. That explains why the Porsche is so beat up... hardly a fair fight.

This is an unfortunate setback for Lohan, who is in the middle of a comeback of sorts following a successful rehab and community service. Lohan is currently shooting a Lifetime original movie about the life of Elizabeth Taylor titled "Liz & Dick," in which she plays the legendary actress. She fits the part surprisingly well, as you can see from the photos.

TMZ has pictures of the crashed car, one of which you can see below: