Lindsay Lohan Sits For 'TODAY' Interview Thursday

Lindsay Lohan Sits For 'TODAY' Interview Thursday Lindsay Lohan is showing her straight-and-narrow comeback trail no mercy lately.

Thursday morning, the troubled-but-improving actress will down with Matt Lauer on NBC's "TODAY Show" for what should be a revealing talk about her troubled last few years and her forthcoming March 3 gig hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Lohan has said publicly that she reached out to "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels, a long-time friend and sympathizer, to host the show a fourth time so that she could start getting her career's wheels back on the road. This time out, she'll be "live from New York" alongside musical guest and former White Stripes singer Jack White.

But first, she'll probably be chatting with Lauer about the positive marks that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner has given her as she's reportedly "in the home stretch" of completing her remaining Los Angeles County Morgue community service and mandatory counseling sessions. It all stems from her 2007 drunk-driving arrest and subsequent theft charges.

March could be Lohan's biggest month yet: the Lauer interview, then her fourth "SNL" visit, and then if all goes well during her March 29 progress hearing, she could have her probation lifted and as Sautner herself has said, "all you have to do is obey all laws, stay out of trouble, and move on with your life."

Maybe she could even follow up what was rumored to be a "record-breaking" issue of Playboy with once more revving up her acting career. Lohan had previously sought to play late screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-Lifetime film.

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