Lohan Cooperating (So Far) With Court-Ordered Community Service

Lohan Cooperating (So Far) With Court-Ordered Community Service Apparently, nobody can rightly say that Lindsay Lohan isn't paying her dues this time through the legal system.

RadarOnline reports that Lohan is currently roughly 45 hours into a court-ordered 360 community service hours, with a one-year time limit to complete her Los Angeles County-ordered community service. She's also been reportedly dilligent about attending her shoplifting-alternative classes, also court-ordered.

Lohan was charged Feb. 9 with theft of a necklace from a jewelry store. Her current 360-hour sentence is a reduction from the initial 120-day prison term and 480 hours she was to receive because the charges violated probation conditions from previous arrests.

Lohan pled no-contest to the charges. Because the jails were overcrowded, she instead served a 35-day house arrest with a monitoring bracelet.

Still, according to one source, her worst lies ahead. She also has a mandatory 100 hours she must spend working in the Los Angeles County morgue, which the RadarOnline source says she's "dreading the most."

In the meantime, she has another scheduled appearance before Judge Stephanie Sautner on Oct. 19 for a progress report.

While she awaits that date, Lohan publicist Steve Honig reports that her status for the upcoming John Gotti biopic remains unofficial and up in the air, pending her legal status in the near future.

"Hopefully, Lindsay will be signed on very soon," Honig said.

Let's hope it works out for the best. Previously, Lohan had been extended an offer to star as adult film star Linda Lovelace in a based-on-the-true-story film about the making of the convtroversial porn flick "Deep Throat." That offer was rescinded, with the studio claiming that Lohan's personal demons and past status as a liability on other projects made her "uninsurable," an assertion Lohan's representatives disputed.

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