'Mad Men' Gets Disapproving Tweet from Jaguar over Joan Storyline

'Mad Men' Gets Disapproving Tweet from Jaguar over Joan Storyline One of the best things about "Mad Men" is that the show uses actual brands and actual products within the show, giving it an extra sense of reality to it. For example, this season has Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce pursuing its first car account with European sports car company Jaguar.

In case you missed out on the most recent episode, here's a quick recap (be careful, SPOILERS ahead!): Pete finds out that one of the Jaguar clients has a thing for Joan when he asks Pete to set him up to spend the night with her. Joan is disgusted at the idea, but with some convincing she eventually agrees to do it in exchange for a 5% stake in the company. That, among other things, leads Peggy to finalize her decision and leave the company. You can get a full recap here.

It looks like Jaguar has been keeping tabs on the "Mad Men" season, as the company's US branch tweeted out the following message after Sunday's episode:

Naturally there's a bit of a risk in allowing your product to be featured on "Mad Men," not least of which would be making your employees look like sleazy jerks. So naturally Jaguar had to give its input.

So what do you think? Should we expect to hear Jaguar saying "finally, something beautiful you can own" in its commercials now?

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