'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks Peeved Over Being Called 'Full-Figured'

'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks Peeved Over Being Called 'Full-Figured' It’s no secret that “Mad Men” star and big-time sex symbol Christina Hendricks is proud to show off those great hourglass hips and a bosom you could drown in, but apparently, she draws the line at being called “full-figured.”

During an interview with Australian Sun-Herald fashion editor Kate Waterhouse, Waterhouse innocently asks, “"You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you've inspired someone?"

Hendricks took offense to more than just overusing the word “inspire.” Annoyed, she fakes a laugh, looks around uncomfortably, and says, “Um… I don’t… I don’t know…I’ve gotten… I’m sorry…”

Hendricks looks aside to what is assumed is her publicist for help, and Waterhouse is asked to rephrase the question. Waterhouse attempts to, confused by what has offended the interviewee, but again mentions the dreaded words.

Hendricks cuts her off, snapping, “I mean, you just said it again,” and, catching on, Waterhouse scraps the question.

After the interview, Hendricks reportedly announced backstage, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.”

Oh, Hendricks.

Maybe “full-figured” doesn’t have the greatest of connotations, but saying the hot redhead doesn’t qualify might not be correct. Was it just poor Waterhouse’s choice of word? Could she have gone with curvy, or voluptuous, and the two would have ended things with all smiles? Alas, hindsight.

Unfortunately, Hendrick’s reaction to the term and the consequential scrapping of the question glossed over something worthwhile—Waterhouse was trying to get at an important note: Hendricks doesn’t fit the general Hollywood body model, and yet she is regarded as a sex figure, and heartily admired for more than just her acting abilities.

It would have been nice to hear her discuss her positive influence on female body image, rather than get a little spatty over a term she didn’t care for, especially when it truly seems Waterhouse is trying to pay her a compliment.

Watch her shut down the topic entirely around the 3 minute mark.