Jon Hamm Fields Questions from Teenage Girls, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

Jon Hamm Fields Questions from Teenage Girls, Hilarity Ensues [Video] We all remember our high school years. Some of us are still in them. When you're a teenager, the world can be a confusing place, and sometimes all you want is a few answers. That's why Jon Hamm is here.

Jon Hamm, who stars as Don Draper on "Mad Men," is here to help teenage girls answer the tough questions that nobody but a 41-year-old man can answer. You know, questions about dating and farting and stuff. It's all part of Hamm's "Ask a Grown Man" video, in which he fields questions from teenage girls and answers them as helpfully as possible. It's less creepy than it sounds.

In fact, the result is pretty hilarious, as Hamm is thrown by the disconnect between him and those much younger than he, not to mention the fact that girls fart (he was under the impression that they didn't).

But the answers are honest and kinda sweet too, as Hamm sends out messages of "be yourself" and "don't define yourself by who you're with" to girls who probably need to hear it. After all, he's a grown man, he should know something by now. One would hope.

Quite possibly the best point of the video is Hamm's signoff, so be sure to stick around for (or skip to) the end.

Watch Jon Hamm awkwardly field questions from teenage girls in the video below: