'Mad Men' Video: Was Lane's Departure Hinted at All Season Long?

'Mad Men' Video: Was Lane's Departure Hinted at All Season Long? CAUTION: "Mad Men" SPOILERS AHEAD!

But then again, if you haven't seen the last two episodes of this season yet, you probably already know what happened. It's pretty much been all the Internet has been talking about.

Lane's death was the big moment of the series, and one that heavily affected the season finale episode that followed the event (it's notable that Don spent the episode hallucinating about his brother, Adam, who also hanged himself indirectly due to Don's actions). But can we go so far as to say that Lane died for the other characters' sins?

According to a video essay made by some of the Vulture staff, it's possible. The video compiles all of the references to death throughout this season of "Mad Men," leading up to Lane's death. It also notes that Lane was laid down on the couch after his hanging in a similar pose to almost every other character in this season in one of their turning points.

Some of the death references are interesting, particularly the fact that Lane says "I'll be here the rest of my life" in the first episode of the season. Others might not foreshadow Lane so much as other characters: Don's empty elevator shaft and Pete's "Signal 30" video point to Don and Pete's own mortality, not necessarily Lane's. Mortality was definitely a central theme in this season, even when it came to Roger's LSD trip. So to connect every single reference to Lane is a bit much.

However, the video does make some good points, and the idea of Lane dying for everyone's sins is interesting, especially considering that his insurance payout was so huge for the company... a detail that Lane must have known about.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think... spot-on, or a bit of a reach?

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