Main stunt man injured in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Performance

Main stunt man injured in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Performance Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark main stunt man was fell during a performance. Christopher Tierney was the fourth actor injured in the troubled Broadway musical.

According to a statement released by Rick Miramontez spokesperson of the show, the actor fell from a 30 feet platform, seven minutes before the end of the performance. They stopped the show immediately after the incident.

Miramontes said, "All signs were good as he was taken to the hospital for observation.

Jonathan Dealwis, an audience in the performance, described how the accident happened during an interview with CNN.

Dealwis said, "Near the end of the show, Spider-Man was on a bridge, and Mary Jane was dangling from it. She drops down, as it is meant to happen. Spider-Man went to the end of the bridge there. I think he was meant to sort of swoop over there, but he just fell off. ... The harness, you could see it just flick off his back and fly backward."

Afterward, it just went black, and the producer came on and said we're going to pause for a moment. You could hear Mary Jane weeping," said Dealwis.

Dealwis also added that a producer came out and announced that the show was over and he saw the actor rushed to the hospital with a neck brace.

Meanwhile another audience member Charlie Bernard told NY1 station, "You just hear a bang and then you hear the actress who plays Mary Jane, she was screaming and crying. The audience was a little disturbed and then everybody was quiet.”

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical is the most expensive production in the history of Broadway. Since the first preview, the show suffered numerous problems and delays to the official opening.

The latest official opening of the show will be on February 7. With the latest accident, let’s wait and see what will happen to the production.

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