'Man of Steel': See Three Superman Costumes from the Movie

Superman won't be taking flight in "Man of Steel" until next year, but that doesn't mean that it's too early to start merchandizing.

The official costumes from "Man of Steel" were on display at the recent Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, and of course some photos were snapped and posted online. The result? You get to see three official costumes from the movie, including Superman's own blue and red duds.

We have already seen Superman's costume on "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill himself, but this picture provides a better look. We have also seen Jor-El's costume as worn by Russell Crowe, but the picture here provides some closer detail of that intricate chest piece.

The new costume belongs to our villainess Faora, who tags along with the evil Zod. Her outfit seems to be similar in build to Jor-El's, only much more sinister-looking and, obviously, without the big "S" that serves as Superman's family crest.

Check out the photos of the three costumes below: