'Man of Steel' Teaser Trailers: Superman, Sailor, Soldier, Fly

DC Comics fans who went out to see "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend were also treated to footage of another big hero: Superman. The first teaser trailers for the upcoming "Man of Steel" screened along with "The Dark Knight Rises," and have hit the Web for the weekend.

The teasers are teasing indeed, as there are only a few seconds of footage of Supes himself (flying through the air and creating sonic booms and whatnot). The rest is a series of quiet, contemplative, artsy clips of Clark Kent growing up as a boy (or perhaps another kid pretending to be Superman), and working as a man.

Interestingly, Clark (played by "Immortals" star Henry Cavill) has a different occupation in this reboot, at least for part of the movie: it seems he has either ditched his job as a reporter at the Daily Planet (or hasn't applied yet), and is instead working as a fisherman. He's also sporting the appropriate beard for the job.

Two different trailers have been released, each with the same footage but a different voice-over. They highlight Superman's upbringing from his two fathers, as one features a speech from Clark's Kryptonian father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his human father Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner). Each father figure talks to young Clark/Kal-El about the man he will grow up to be, and what he will mean to other people as a hero.

Check out the two "Man of Steel" teaser trailers below: