Mariah Carey Not Happy About Nicki Minaj Talk For 'American Idol.' Strange Reaction From a Diva...

Mariah Carey Not Happy About Nicki Minaj Talk For 'American Idol.' Strange Reaction From a Diva... Is Mariah Carey annoyed to be shoved out of the spotlight? Nah, that just doesn’t sound like her!

Talks of getting booty-popping Nicki Minaj onto “American Idol” as a judge alongside the curvy “The Butler” star apparently have Carey miffed.

Reportedly Carey was promised she would be the only female judge in the upcoming season. Whoops.

Furthermore, it’s hinted that Carey is worried Minja’s popularity and, ahem, obvious youth, will detract from the adoration she expects to receive.

When “American Idol” producers called the cradle-robbing cougar to inform her that Minaj is in talks to sit with her at the judge’s table, Carey pitched a mini diva fit, and hung up on them.

Because $17 million just isn’t enough money to put up with that Stupid Hoe.

Since all of the new judge talk comes down to rumor, no one can really confirm the reports. But if anyone’s deeply interested in debunking rumors about Mariah Carey acting self absorbed and egotistical, just let me know and I’ll be sure to follow up on it.

Perhaps some other “American Idol” gossip might be more up your alley:

How about Carey’s Twitter push to get her friend Lenny Kravitz up there at the table?

Maybe rumors that Kanye West, Keith Urban, Enrique Inglesias, Joe Jonas, and Brad Paisley are more interested in sitting and clapping politely than making music lately, and are in the running as well?

There’s also a special push to lock down Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson as judges; however, what’s the issue? The show worries that it will lose its “middle America” viewers, i.e. racists, by presenting an all African American judge table.

Sigh. That’s a facepalm moment, right there, America.

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