Who Was That Masked Man? He Claims He Stole Will.i.am's Car

Who Was That Masked Man? He Claims He Stole Will.i.am's Car Those who can, do. Those who do, troll those they've done.

Will.i.am had himself a very bad Monday. The Black Eyes Peas rapper had himself a miniature Twitter conniption after his car went missing outside his Hollywood #Willpower album-release party. There's no blaming his fury, though: we'd all lose our respective s**t if any of us learned our West Coast Customs-built white mash-up of a Dodge Challenger and DeLorean had apparently just up and left.

"Where is my f**king car...??? This isn't funny anymore," he began his rage-tweets.

Though his reps told TMZ the same evening that his car had been recovered, Will.i.am kept tweeting that it was still "m.i.a."

"Just landed in portland...and still no news about my cars whereabouts...#wheresmycar," he tweeted Tuesday.

He tried to keep a stiff upper lip and "pray that [his] car is returned safe and sound" but grew irritated and added "#givemebackmycar this joke is getting old."

Wednesday, the rapper received a video, posted to YouTube. He then tweeted it to Perez Hilton and wondered, "Is Ashton Kutcher still filming Punk'd...???"

In a great, brazen moment in trolling history that will get this individual arrested, heralded by schadenfraude connoisseurs from4Chan to Reddit, or most likely both, a masked person with an altered voice out-spit half the Black Eyed Peas lyrics ever penned and proudly claimed he copped Will's pimped ride.

"Will, I'm not. Will, you are. Ha ha ha, I stole your car," MC TROLOLOL rapped at the pissed Pea.

Judging from the rhyme scheme, I predict this case will continue meandering unsolved until authorities break down and name John Cena a person of interest.

For the record, the car was indeed returned by police Tuesday once Will produced its documents. It's a part of his IAMAUTO company, and the second of his vehicles to become a theft magnet. In 2010, another thief broke into his Bentley and took $10,000 worth of belongings.

The video's made the more curious by the fact that a tracking device Will had installed on his DeChallenger reportedly led police right to the thief on Tuesday.

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