Matthew Fox Strikes DUI Deal

Matthew Fox Strikes DUI Deal Matthew Fox has dodged a bullet, and as a result averted incarceration.

The former "Lost," "Party of Five" and "My Boyfriend's Back" star has negotiated his DUI dues with Oregon prosecutors, TMZ reports. He won't get off scott-free, but there will be no time behind bars. Bend, OR authorities pulled over a lane-swerving Fox and arrested him May 4 when officers found hiim to be driving under the influence.

Under his no contest plea deal's terms, Fox isn't supposed to be behind the wheel for a year. During that same time, he can't consume alcohol - probably with regular testing to anticipate. If he abstains (both separately and, obviously, combined) from drinking and driving and completes a treatment program, prosecutors will officially dismiss his case 12 months from now.

Fox's bad-boy ways haven't exactly made him friends.

"Lost" co-star Dominic Monaghan was taking a few fan questions and requests earlier this week via Twitter whe one suggested he talk Fox onto the social network's ledge. Monaghan in turn made no bones about being unimpressed with Fox behaving badly.

That, of course, would be in reference to Fox's August 2011 arrest after he punched a female bus driver in the chest when she wouldn't let him board a Cleveland party bus. Monoghan went on to claim that it was hardly an isolated incident, either.

Well, an arrest sometimes gets through a bad boy's head. Others, it just pisses him off.