Maybe Lindsay Lohan Wasn't Lying About 'Dehydration & Exhaustion'

When a Hollywood starlet or pop diva cites "exhaustion" or "dehydration," it usually means something else (read: drugs). In the case of Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of rehab and on probation, you would have to jump to that conclusion.

Lohan made headlines the other day when she failed to show up on set and was discovered passed out in her room. Differing stories say that Lohan was either unresponsive, or was just very tired and the paramedics were called in as a precaution. Considering Lohan's history, one would have to assume that drugs were involved.

But news out of the set of "Liz & Dick," the biopic in which Lohan is currently starring as Elizabeth Taylor, suggests that Lohan might have actually been suffering from exhaustion. According to Deadline, two crew members have been released from work duties and treated for exhaustion and dehydration as well.

Apparently the hours on the set have been less than kind. In a statement about Lohan's paramedic incident, her rep noted that Lohan had worked a 13-hour shoot throughout the night before she was awoken from her "nap." Crew members almost always work more hours than actors, so it's no surprise that Deadline is reporting 20-hour work days for the crew.

So, it looks like Lohan's exhaustion claims are probably legit. Commence any conspiracy theories about how the crew members were paid off to act exhausted to cover for Lohan now. For her part, Lohan had this to say about the incident:

My question is this: why are they rushing to get this made-for-TV biopic about Elizabeth Taylor starring Lindsay Lohan into post-production? Is it that hot a commodity?