Meet Jess' Parents on 'New Girl!'

Meet Jess' Parents on 'New Girl!' Will we finally get some insight into how Jess turned out so gosh darn weird?

Zooey Deschanel and the rest of the “New Girl” cast will be welcoming some big names next season—notably, we will be introduced to Jess’ parents, who will hopefully be shedding some light on her strangeness.

So who will be playing Mr. and Mrs. Day?

Veteran actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner are fingered to play the pair, E! news has announced.

The two will appear as Jess’ divorced parents, Joan and Bob, during the Thanksgiving episode. Rumor has it the estranged duo might be in talks to reunite—which is sure to cause plenty of confusion and upset on Jess’ part.

We can anticipate, or at least hope for, a few Turtle faces on the part of Jack Johnson’s Nick over the whole affair.

Curtis and Reiner, in case you just hate comedy and aren’t familiar with the names, have appeared in a large number of classics.

Curtis is probably best known for screaming and running in the original “Halloween,” and Reiner had a long stint on “All in the Family.” He also directed “When Harry Met Sally,” among a whole lot of other awesome things.

Comedy gold? Definitely. Honestly hooking such a hot pair as just guest stars says a lot about the appeal of the FOX show. Those two are big names and they'll be bringing a lot of prestige along with them.

With such an amazing trio of Deschanel, Reiner, and Curtis (not to mention the glorious and hilarious skills of Johnson, Max Greenfield, and the rest of the cast), along with great story options, we’re sure to have an amazing, and of course quirky, season ahead of us.

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