Megatron Goes on Social Media Rant at Selfie Girl in Universal Studios

Do NOT try to take a selfie with a Decepticon.

That's the lesson one girl learned this month as she tried to take a "selfie" with Megatron at Universal Studios. The actors who play the costume-character versions of the movie villain robots pass the time by mocking patrons of the park (after all, they are bad guys) and Megatron jumped at this particular opportunity.

"When will you learn that your status updates mean zero to nothing to anyone! Ever!" he yells at the girl. "It doesn't matter which social network you post it to. Worthless! Use your mind. Create new memories. Interact. Don't just add it to a library of forgotten photographs."

When the girl, whom Megatron had already mocked for her "ridiculous fur hoodie," brushes off his rant with a small "okay," he sighs and finishes his thought: "How disappointing your generation is."

Some have questioned the validity of the video since the girl was taking a selfie video and not a photo (who does that?), but it's worth noting that the Decepticons are often hurling insults and the girl probably figured (correctly) that she could get a viral video out of the interaction.

Watch the hilarious rant below: