Michael J. Fox Sitcom Lands at NBC

Michael J. Fox Sitcom Lands at NBC Well, that was quick: Michael J. Fox's as-of-yet untitled sitcom has landed at NBC.

The network picked up the sitcom after a fairly fierce bidding bidding war between all of the major networks. Apparently ABC and FOX were the first to drop out of the running, while CBS stayed to the bitter end in an attempt to win the show instead of NBC. However, the Peacock came out on top, and Fox will be returning to the same network that started "Family Ties" some 30 years ago.

It makes sense for the project to land at NBC in terms of the style, too: the show is said to be a single-camera comedy, which is more NBC's area than CBS's. Even with the network's broader approach this year, the project will likely fit right in with the likes of "The Office," "Parks & Recreation" and, if they make it to 2013, "Animal Practice" and "Go On."

In fact, word is that NBC promised Sony and Fox that they would have creative freedom for the show, which was a big sell. Considering Sony and NBC's approach with "Community," that makes sense. But at the same time, you would think they would be hesitant to give that long a leash considering the current state of that particular ratings-challenged (but still brilliant) sitcom.

In any case, this gives the show plenty of time to come together for the fall 2013 season. Expect to see the "Back to the Future" star back on TV then, backed by the writer of "Arrested Development" and the director of "Easy A." This one should be good.

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