Midseason TV Preview: FX Premiere Schedule and Trailers

Midseason TV Preview: FX Premiere Schedule and Trailers From seemingly out of nowhere, FX has gone from "that channel that plays all the action movies that I didn't see in theaters" to "that channel with all the awesome shows."

With two strong dramas ("Sons of Anarchy" and "Justified") on the air, a string of great dramas that sadly got cancelled ("Terriers," we barely knew ye) and a slew of really terrific comedies, FX is on the rise.

So, even though "Sons of Anarchy" will be done for now, and you'll have to wait until summer for the sublime "Louie" and "Wilfred," there's plenty to be excited out in the winter of 2012. Here are the premiere dates and times for FX's new and returning midseason shows:

New Shows:

"Unsupervised" - Thursday, Jan. 19th at 10:30pm

Thursday nights is comedy night for FX, especially considering "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The League" air on Thursdays. In January, Thursday will belong to two more FX comedies, and one of them is a brand-new one.

"Unsupervised" comes from the guys who brought you "Always Sunny," and is animated by the guy who brought you "Archer," and is about two teenagers living without adult supervision, struggling with making the right choices. So basically, it should be pretty good.

Returning Shows:

"Archer" - Thursday, Jan. 19th at 10pm

"Archer" fans got a small taste of the new season with the three-episode "Heart of Archness" set that aired this fall before "The League" started back up. When the show returns for a full season in January, that will make a full hour-long block of animated comedy on Thursdays. Nice!

"Justified" - Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 10pm

Raylan Givens is back for season three of this Southern-justice-themed drama, which has quietly earned some major awards nominations and even a win for Margo Martindale. Be sure to tune in for what should be an equally awesome third season.

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