Midseason TV Preview: HBO Premiere Schedule and Trailers

Midseason TV Preview: HBO Premiere Schedule and Trailers Winter is coming... and yet, "Game of Thrones" won't be back until Spring. Yes, last year's big midseason series premiere for HBO is an April show, so you'll once again have to wait until April before you find out what will happen next in Westeros.

But in the meantime, HBO has three new shows for you, plus a number of returning favorites, including "Eastbound and Down." Not only that, but a big star of the silver screen is heading to the small screen in one of those new HBO offerings. Check out the premiere dates and promos for all of HBO's midseason shows right here!

New Shows:

"Luck" - Sunday, Dec. 11th at 10pm

Perhaps the biggest new show on HBO's schedule is "Luck," a new drama centering on a horse racing track. Not only does the show come from the creator of "Deadwood," but it also stars veteran actors Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. And since it centers on the gaming industry and gambling, you can expect some drama on the level of "Boardwalk Empire."

"Angry Boys" - Sunday, Jan. 1st at 10pm

Hey, remember "Summer Heights High?" No? Well, if you missed it, it was a hilarious series created by Chris Lilley, who also created and stars in "Angry Boys." In the show, like in "Summer Heights High," Lilley plays multiple characters in a mockumentary style to hilarious effect.

"On Freddie Roach" - Friday, Jan. 20th at 9:30pm

This quick six-episode documentary series will focus on the life of Freddie Roach, a famous boxing trainer who has struggled in his later years with Parkinson's disease. Expect a number of interviews with big-name boxers to accompany Roach's story.

"Life's Too Short" - Sunday, Feb. 19th at 10:30pm

This fictionalized documentary series from Ricky Gervais follows actor Warwick Davis, who plays a version of himself as he attempts to break in to the film industry. Expect some amazing celebrity cameos in the vein of "Extras."

Returning Shows:

"24/7" - Wednesday, Dec. 14th at 10pm

HBO's sports documentary series returns this month to provide more in-depth looks into the world of boxing, NASCAR and other sports.

"The Life and Times of Tim" - Friday, Dec. 16th at 9pm

One of HBO's few animated shows (in fact, the first animated original since "Spawn" back in 1997), "The Life and Times of Tim" enters its second season in mid-December despite fears of cancellation following season one.

"Real Time with Bill Maher" - Friday, Jan. 13th at 10pm

Hey, somebody has to cancel out Glenn Beck, right? Comedian, staunch liberal and noted atheist Bill Maher returns for yet another season of his late-night talk show in January.

"Eastbound and Down" - Sunday, Feb. 19th at 10pm

He's f***ing back! "Eastbound" returns for a third (and most likely final) season. After his time in Mexico, will Kenny finally be able reclaim his former glory? Get it while you can, because this eight-episode order will be gone faster than Kenny's major league career.

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