'Beavis And Butt-Head' Season 8, Episode 1 Recap - The Legend Continues...

'Beavis And Butt-Head' Season 8, Episode 1 Recap - The Legend Continues... Within seconds, I was 12 years old again.

There was a black screen. Then there was a nasal “Heheheh.” And then a more guttural “Huh huh huh.” Then at last, that sweet guitar riff.

Welcome back, Beavis. And welcome back, Butt-Head. The world needs you.

It’s been 14 years, but the Dumbass Duo are back in Highland. They haven’t aged a bit. They haven’t grown older. They’re not an IQ point wiser. But they just might be even funnier than I remember.

In “Werewolves of Highland,” we learn something truly amazing: what happens when Beavis and Butt-Head watch a “Twilight” movie?

Well, let’s back up. We learn what happens when Beavis and Butt-Head watch a “Twilight” movie, then mistake hepatitis C for lycanthropy. They were sitting in a theater watching a hilariously stylized Edward Cullen deliver some “Eclipse” dialogue – which, funny enough, didn’t make me cry but laugh my ass off – when the two state something uncomfortably close to my thoughts.

“Well, this isn’t very good,” said Butt-Head.

“Um, is Bella a zombie?” Beavis asked innocently. “She’s always just standing there with her mouth open and acts like she’s dead.”

They end up getting tossed out, but the next day in class, learn from Van Driessen that the fairer sex eat up the vampire and werewolf mystiques of “conquering death” with a spoon. So naturally, they want to be in on that.

“Get the binoculars, Beavis,” Butt-Head said as the two walked out on the lecture. “We’re gonna score.”

The two hit up the mall and find a hairy homeless guy – as they find out, complete with a nasty run of hepatitis C. Of course, they think he’s a werewolf. In exchange for some gum, they talk the crazy bastard into biting them. He then gets yanked off by the cops after reports that he’s apparently been doing this kind of thing a lot.

Of course, the pair start “changing.” They just look more like extra from “The Walking Dead” than a “Twilight” movie.

Between segments, we get what will probably now go down as one of my favorite segments in the show’s history: Beavis and Butt-Head watch an episode of “Jersey Shore” and listen to Jenni “JWOWW” Farley babble on about teaching her grandkids to make pizza after working in a Florence, Italy pizzeria.

“Are Uncle Juice-Head and Grandpa Gorilla gonna help us make pizza?” Beavis asked. I’ve only five minutes stopped laughing.

“Aunt JWOWW, where did you get syphilis?” Butt-Head asked.

God, I’ve missed these two.

Anyway . . . back to the Tommy Lee Twins. The only action they get is a couple attractive women who take the attractive looking pair to hospital, where they both slip apparently into deep comas. But not so deep that the pair stop giggling when the nurse goes to change their catheters.

“Crying” has me really sharing these two’s pain. For Heaven-only-knows what reason, they’re watching an episode of “The Bachelor” when Beavis accidentally huffs a chilli-dog onion and sheds a tear. Unfortunatley, Butt-Head saw that.

The next day, Butt-Head’s not letting it go. And he wants answers. During class, he announces that he saw Beavis start crying. Van Driessen tries to tell him it’s OK, but Butt-Head eventually can’t wait to tell Stewart that Beavis was letting the waterworks go. Then he told the cafeteria. All the while, Beavis denies it the whole way.

I’m not going to lie: this one started a little bit slowly. Walking around the mall, Beavis keeps trying to change the subject. Butt-Head still won’t let him.

Then comes gym. Then comes Buzzcut, who tells Beavis he can beat the crap out of Butt-Head “on his own time.” Flashing forward 80 years, Butt-Head . . . yep, he’s still giving Beavis crap, well into the two’s wheelchair years. Then Butt-Head keels over dead.

“I wasn’t crying. I’m not crying now, either. Butt-hole,” said Beavis, as the episode ends.

They’ve still got it.