'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 2: 'The First and Last Ride-Along'

'Mike & Molly' Recap, Season 4, Episode 2: 'The First and Last Ride-Along' Mike's mom asks Molly how her job hunt is going. Molly tells her she is going to try being a writer.

Peggy pooh-poohs her idea and Mike has to break up the fight.

On the way home, Molly needs consolation from Mike that he thinks she can write a book. He tells her she can, and he will do anything he can to help. Since she wants to write a crime thriller, she wants to go on a ride-along with him and Carl.

Carl is excited to have Molly come along with them, but Mike is certainly not. He doesn't want to mix family and work. Carl thinks Molly may end up jealous by how close he and Mike are. Mike blows off that idea, and gets permission to bring his wife with them.

Molly goes to Peggy's and apologizes... and then stabs her with an icicle.

It's part of Molly's new manuscript. She reads the scene to her family. They think the message is pretty clear that she wants to kill Mike's mom. Mike comes home to tell her she can come on the ride-along, and wants to read what she has, but Molly says she needs to change a few things.

Molly goes on the ride-along, thrilled, while Mike lists off the rules. Mike and Carl spot Hugo, fresh out of jail. He was arrested last year for selling dope. Molly tries to ask him questions through the back window and Mike forces Carl to drive off.

The three get lunch. Molly claims she has a new respect for the men and the jobs they do. Carl gets a milkshake sent over to him by an admirer... a beautiful woman. Mike explains to Molly that he's not a woman, something Carl found out on their date. Molly waves Lousette over to do research for her book. The men get a call and they have to rush off to respond.

They arrive at a domestic situation, and Mike tells Molly she has to stay in the car so he doesn't worry about her. Alone in the car, however, she gets hot. She moves to the front seat, using a nightstick to try to turn on the AC. She accidentally breaks her window with it.

While Carl and Mike calm the domestic, Molly sneaks in and gives him the nightstick. She wants to stay and observe, but Mike warns her to go back to the car. The man and the woman fight, and Carl and Mike have to get involved.

Molly funnels her excitment into bed that night, and thanks Mike for being so supportive. When he falls asleep, she sneak to her computer. She writes a new story about herelf as an hard-edge officer taking out criminals.