'Mike & Molly' Season 3, Episode 2: 'Vince Takes a Bath' Recap

'Mike & Molly'  Season 3, Episode 2: 'Vince Takes a Bath' Recap Mike and Molly are filling out their wedding thank you cards in bed, with the usual howling loud sex noises of Joyce and Vince coming through the wall. However, one howl sounds out of place, and Joyce runs in, needing their help.

In the red-lit bedroom, on a sheepskin rug, Vince has thrown his back out. They try to lift him, but he is covered in coconut oil. Joyce suggests they, “Just grab a couple tufts of back hair and use it like a handle.”

The next morning, Joyce is on her way to yoga, surprising Molly, who thinks she should stay with Vince, but she promises she won’t be gone long. Mike helps the ungrateful Vince onto the couch. Vince yells for breakfast, but Mike has to go to work, so it falls on Molly to make it.

At lunch, Mike shows pictures of his honeymoon to his friends. It is almost entirely pictures of food. He tries to give Carl and Samuel their thank yous, but they insist that they be mailed to them.

When Molly comes home, Vince is in the “can” and in a bit of a pickle. She tries to flee but he can hear her, and insists he needs help. Reluctantly, she goes in and is horrified to find Vince naked and stuck in the tub. She tries to pull his arm but he is slippery—he conditions his arm hairs to keep them supple. Molly tries a different approach and lands face-first in the tub.

Molly, traumatized, having finally removed him, drags Vince out by his feet. She tries to leave him on the floor but he insists she help him onto the couch, and she falls face-first onto his groin again.

Later, Molly is making soup. Victoria comes home but when Molly tries to rope her into helping she escapes. Furious, as Vince calls for her, she licks the spoon vindictively and goes in with his dinner as Mike is coming in the door.

Relieved, she tells him he can feed Vince, but Mike insists he has been working all day and just got home. Molly lifts Vince’s blanket, showing Mike what she has had to deal with all day, and he spoon feeds the complaining Vince.

In bed later, listening to the bell Vince is ringing for them, Mike realizes he has messed up the thank you cards and must start again. As Molly goes down to help Vince, her mom comes home but disappears when she sees Molly. Molly chases her outside.

Joyce confesses that Vince is supposed to be her young stud, supposed to care of her. She isn’t ready to watch another man fall apart and die like Molly’s father. Molly says he’s not dying, and she can’t spend life hiding—and she also can’t pawn Vince off on her anymore.

Carl and Samuel are pleased to have gotten their thank yous in the mail. Carl opens his, and realized that Mike spelled everything wrong, and go the gifts wrong too.