Miley Cyrus Twitter Pics Raise Concern

Miley Cyrus has made no secret of her desire to get into the shapeliest of shapes for her upcoming wedding to “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth, but her recent Twitter pics are starting to stir up more concern than admiration in the media.

The sexy star of “The Last Song” credits heavy work-outs and pilates training to her new, muscular shape, but is the teeny-tiny actress/singer taking things a bit too far?

Her newest photographic post, is entitled “my ‘fiance’ jeans. but for real though,”  and while I’m not completely clear on the translation, the pic seems to feature a midriff self-portrait of the girl in some baggy pants that I’m just going to assume are Liam Hemsworth’s, unless I’m yet again out of some strange new fashion loop and ‘fiance jeans’ are actually a new kind of piercing.

While most of her Twitter followers are responding to the tweet with something along the lines of “zomg I would kill for that body,” others are starting to wonder if the celeb is taking her pre-wedding work-outs a bit too far.

Despite a few badly-angled photographs that hit the Internet not long ago proclaiming that Cyrus had gone hippo, the smiley star has always maintained a very svelte figure. And while Cyrus seemed to brush off the criticism with grace, it has seemed to coincide with a serious health kick on her part, including a new gluten “allergy” that severely limits her diet.

Certainly the photo shows that the pretty crooner doesn’t have an ounce of chunk hiding on that tanned torso, but is she too thin? I’m not an expert, but certainly there is a fair amount of muscle present, and Cyrus seems blessed to have a naturally itty-bitty waistline.

But in my unprofessional opinion, if the starlet loses, like, another bead of sweat, she’s crossing into the “too skinny” territory.

So, what do you think?

Should Miley maintain her sleek physique, or should the girl just give into her pre-matrimony stress and indulge in a nice, thick hamburger?