'The Mindy Project' Season 1, Episode 21: 'Santa Fe' Recap

'The Mindy Project'  Season 1, Episode 21: 'Santa Fe' Recap Mindy and Casey are lying in bed together. She says she knows he is really Christian, but if she were murdered, he would still someone to avenge her death, right? She is not thrilled he would rather try and forgive them. She tells him the murderer also killed their babies, and he finally agrees, though apologizes to God after. Mindy talks to God too—it seems to be in His plan that Casey stay on his side of the bed.

Morgan helps Jeremy with his slideshow for “The Reed Method” which he will be presenting at a conference. Mindy comes in with a huge suitcase which she is taking to the conference which she swears is a carry on. Betsy comes in and tells her Lady Gaga is on the phone, interested in becoming a new patient, and she rushes off in excitement.

It’s not Gaga. It is Josh.

“You sound really pretty, like you’ve lost weight.”

He tells her he saw on her Twitter that she will be heading to New Mexico. He lives down there now and wants to get together to tell her something. She says no, but he texts her the address anyway.

Casey brings her garment bag that she forgot. She asks if God told him she was just on the phone with her ex. She explains that Josh wants her to visit him when he comes to Santa Fe. Casey tells her she should see him for closure. She is a little surprised he isn’t a jealous boyfriend but impressed when he quotes the Bible—nope, Shel Silverstein.

Mindy and Danny board the plane, which has two female pilots. Mindy can’t get her giant bag into the overhead compartment. Danny won’t let any of the men help her.

“She needs to learn.”

Danny naps as they fly, but Mindy wakes him up. She tells him she needs his advice, and explains the situation. He tells her not to screw it up with Jesus Christ Superstar. There is no such thing as closure.

During the conference, Mindy gets up and excuses herself.

“I have forgotten to wear underwear… and in this arid climate…”

Danny sends her off, but he is hanging at her car when she gets out there. He tells her not to go see Josh but she insists. It’s his rental car, so he insists on driving since she had mimosas at breakfast.

Jeremy is chatting up a head doctor when Morgan shows up and interrupts, embarrassing him. Jeremy finally dismisses him, hurting Morgan’s feelings.

Danny gets to the address—Clear Sands Institute. Josh is in rehab.

Morgan storms in to rehearse Jeremy’s speech, but he is mad. He chews Jeremy out and leaves to go explore Santa Fe.

Mindy goes in to see Josh. He admits he was doing a lot of cocaine. He apologizes and tells her when they split up he was a mess. He talks about letting his dealer shower at her place, and how he stole her prescription pad. He talks about all the women he slept with while they were together. She shakes him and screams.

Danny chats to addicts outside, but he isn’t impressed by the guy addicted to bodybuilding, or the girl addicted to approval. He tells them to be ashamed they don’t have a better addiction.

Jeremy tries to figure out how to set up his presentation himself, going through Morgan’s duffel. He finds a congratulatory gift to himself from Morgan, and goes to find Morgan in a steam lodge. He tells him he is the black sheep of his family, and his family is embarrassed of him for going to medical school in America. He apologizes for making Morgan feel bad. Morgan is ready to go back but Jeremy says they can wait, and both relax into the steam.

Mindy goes to storm off, and Josh tells her she is a smart person with a way of ignoring things. She tells him her boyfriend told her to come get closure but she can see that was a mistake. He assumes she means Danny.

“The drugs have really rotted your brain.”

Danny comes in, getting kicked out because he is riling up the patients, and they go.

Jeremy and Morgan may have stayed in the sweat lodge too long. Their lips are white and Morgan is hallucinating. Jeremy goes up to the podium and chugs water, beginning his presentation. He requests another pitcher. Morgan freaks out and punches the picture of the uterus insisting it is a bull and will kill everyone as Jeremy can only helplessly chug water.

On the ride back home, Mindy is teasing Danny for watching the movie without headphones, when there is a sudden huge bump on the plane. They grab each others’ hands.

Back at the office, Mindy and Danny tell Betsy they had a great trip. She tells Danny there is someone in his office for him—his ex-wife, Christina.