Listen To Mister Rogers Get Auto-Tuned, Blow The 'Garden Of Your Mind' [Video]

Katy Perry I hereby renounce my unconditional opposition to Auto-Tune.

I don't care that it's almost entirely responsible idiot-proofing Katy Perry's recorded catalogue. It's the one studio tool more responsible than any other for the likes of Perry, Britney Spears, T-Pain and others avoiding being slapped with a warning label insisting they all be kept 500 miles from an operating karaoke bar, let alone a live studio or concert microphone.

But sometimes - not often, but rarely - someone achieves that rare alchemy that turns chicken shit into chicken salad.

I've listend to this three times now, and I'm blown away that Auto-Tune+"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"=Sonic Brilliance. PBS Digital Studios released to their YouTube channel John D. Boswell's remix of the late Rogers' ode to imagination, "Garden Of Your Mind." Combine a liberal assortment of classic clips from the late Fred Rogers' beloved PBS program - including some clever editing of one Mr. McFeely clip into a tasty slide-whistle solo - and you have something that will paint a few surprising new strokes on your childhood.

And not unwelcome ones, either.

Oh, by the way....make that four times. I just can't stop.

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