Models Falling Down Makes Everyone Feel Better

Models Falling Down Makes Everyone Feel Better Let's face it. You've had a hard day, and it's nowhere near over yet.

The dog left his skateboard by the stairs, nearly sending you on a break-neck collision course with mortality. Your kids woke you up barking at the neighbors, then crapped in the middle of the floor - right in front of your church's hand bell choir that was visiting for tea. The car got fired, your job won't start, you're wondering just which great-and-powerful god you ticked off by waking up today.

You deserve to take two minutes and watch pretty people fall down, go "boom."

The good folks at World Wide Interweb had the good sense to set this schadenfreude soufflé to "You Are So Beautiful" and cobble together a spirit-lifting set of statuesque beauties torn from the thigh of Zeus. It's one thing when we unwashed masses face-plant either literally or figuratively.

We feel slightly less bad when the people who look better than us biff it, though.

Personally, I'm fond of the model who's swallowed up by the great gaping maw of Hell right in the middle of the runway. I'll even admit that several of the moments featuring suddenly wobbly high heels make me wonder how someone escaped without a grisly foot injury that would give some podiatrist a high-larious story to tell for years.

However, you sadly can't convince me there shouldn't have been a cut-in of the "American Gladiators" theme during the "America's Next Top Model" contestant that gets hip-checked by a swinging pendulum.

Remember, folks: life gets better.

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