'Modern Family' Cast Settles, Season 4 is a Go

'Modern Family' Cast Settles, Season 4 is a Go No need to fear, folks: "Modern Family" will be back for a fourth season.

Things were looking bad this week as contract negotiations for the cast fell through, leading to the cancelling of the first table read for season four. In fact, the cast went so far as to sue 20th TV over their contracts in an attempt to void them and gain the upper hand in the negotiation process.

Apparently that worked like a charm, as a few days later the cast settled on a hefty pay raise and dropped their lawsuit. Reports are that the starring cast members are making around $170,000 per episode, a huge hike from their original salaries of $65,000 per episode.

The standoff was understandable: the cast reportedly asked for $200,000 per episode, while 20th TV offered them $100,000 per episode on Monday. That quickly lead to the lawsuit on Wednesday, and the deal was struck on Friday evening.

"Modern Family" should still make its season four premiere on September 26 without any delay.

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