Episode 'Modern Family' Season 2, Episode 16 - Regrets Only Recap

Episode  'Modern Family' Season 2, Episode 16 - Regrets Only Recap Paying for it. Everyone has to at some point, especially if you're in a relationship. Last night on "Modern Family," poor Phil Dunphy had to pay for years of pent-up frustration. It wasn't until his second round of ignorance that Claire broke down and stormed off in Halie's pretend place of work. And no, it wasn't just about the wedge salad.

Last night's night episode was like Sesame Street for unstable adults.  "Listen" and learn.  Mitchell never listens to Cam, Jay is forced to listen to Gloria.

Did you see that kitchen the morning after?  I was concerned for the welfare of Phil's union to Claire.  Is this what becomes of married of a man who marries a woman like Claire? Broken microwave doors and extinguisher remains everywhere? PS-I thought the extinguisher remains were yogurt at first glance.

Phil was too afraid to ask Claire what he had done, but thanks to a superb haircut from Gloria (and a little boob-on-face action, to boot), Phil was able to partially figure out why he pissed Claire off: He insulted her driving, gave her a phone message on a stamp and bought her broccoli instead of cauliflower.  Nay!  The real reason is because Claire doesn't think Phil listens to her.  Phil surprised Claire by showing her all of the wonderful things he did after listening to her-he even changed his major from forestry!  What a guy, that Phil Dunphy.

Not to change lanes, but you know it's only a matter of time before ABC starts selling Cameron's shirt collection.

Best lines of the night:

Gloria: "I do Jay.  Why can't I do you?"
Phil: "You can do me."

Gloria's reference to "air bunnies." 

Jay to Claire: "You know, when you get a massage,  you sound like a Tijuana prostitute."

Gloria (referring to a screeching mic): "That's the worst sound in the world."
Jay: "Is it?"

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