'Modern Family' Season 4, Episode 5: 'Open House of Horrors' Recap

'Modern Family'  Season 4, Episode 5: 'Open House of Horrors' Recap Halloween has become a staple holiday for "Modern Family." They always bring the scares and the laughs. In this episode they all struggle with who they are.

Phil comes up with a "genius" idea to hold an open house on Halloween. Claire has decided to take it easy and tries to be less scary. Last year she took it too far and almost gave a man a heart attack. Her idea of less scary is dressing up as little Bo Peep and putting lollipops on the front lawn.

Mitch has done what every parent does at some point and that's lie to their child. After reading a book to Lily, she starts asking questions which goes into questions about her real mom. Being very sleepy, Mitch lies and tells her that her mother is a "princess in a far away place." This makes Lily obsessed with princesses and now she wants to be one for Halloween.

Of course Cam has no idea because Mitch hasn't told him what he has told Lily since they agreed to talk to Lily about her mom together.

After not being able to charm his way out of a ticket, Jay ges through his own identity crisis. He feels like he's getting old and even asks to borrow some of Gloria's neck cream.

In the same house Gloria's temper is worse than ever. Jay and Manny wonder if the pregnancy has made the always passionate Gloria a little too passionate.

As it turns out the lollipops on the lawn had little effect because no one wanted to trick-or-treak there. She goes out to tell people it isn't scary and ends up making it worse by grabbing children.

At Jay and Gloria's some "rude dummies" came up to trick-or-treak. Gloria asked if they were too old to be trick-or-treating and they asked if shes to old to have a baby. (Never make a pregnant woman mad!)

Gloria takes the candy to find out that moments later they egged the house. She passionately screams out and goes to get them.

Claire, bored at home, goes over to scare Phil and really enjoy her Halloween. Never one to do anything half asked she goes all the way. Turning off the lights, turning on the TV and making Phil think that she is at home. This freaks Phil out of course. She gets the whole family in on it. All is right with Halloween again!

At Cam and Mitch's Halloween party, Lily sees a princess. This is actually a man in drag but more on that later...

Lily asks if the princess is her mother. When Cam is confused Mitch has to come clean about what he has told Lily. They have a sweet but comical sit down chat with Lily about her mother and how they became a family.

Back to the man in a dress. He, whos looks fabulous, hits on Jay and restores his confidence again.

While this episode didn't have the same punch as season 2's Halloween episode, it still scared up plenty of laughs!

Most hilarious lines-

1. "I have an angry baby inside of me making me do bad things!" -Gloria

2. “The world needs more dreamers, Luke. Never stop licking things.” -Phil

3. “You know what? I’m going to go lift him and shake him until the staples pop.” -Cam


5. “We agreed to tell Lily about her mother wearing calming earth tones and we agreed to tell her the truth.” -Cam

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