'Mom' Season 1, Episode 6: 'Abstinence and Pudding' Recap

'Mom'  Season 1, Episode 6: 'Abstinence and Pudding' Recap Christy goes out with Adam again, the nice guy she wasn't ready to date previously. She tells him she wants to go slow. Sex is currently off the table. He agrees, but now that she's taken sex off the table, all she can think about is jumping him.

She talks it over with her friend Marjorie at lunch. She's proud she played it slow. However, when she went inside, she ate 6 pudding cups.

Bonnie finds her and her enemy Marjorie talking. Marjorie has suggested to Christy that she not have sex with Adam for three months, a number which Bonnie finds ridiculous. She tells Christy that Adam is lying, gay, or packing a small penis if he agreed to this arrangement. She suggests that Christy do a "drive-by" to see what he's working with, and if it's worth waiting for.

At work the pastry chef has quit, after Chef Rudy stopped having sex with her. Gabriel tells Rudy they need to hire a new one asap. He asks Christy why she didn't text him back, and she tells him she was on a date.

Christy prepares for a hike with Adam, but Violet asks for advice - her boyfriend Luke won't have sex with her now that she's pregnant. Christy tries her best to answer but ends up telling her to Google it.

She and Adam kiss on their hike. Thunder starts and rain pours out of nowhere. They find an empty cabin, and Christy breaks into it. Realizing how romantic the situation is, Christy calls Marjorie and tells her she thinks God wants her to get laid.

In a blankey, Christy and Adam sit before the fire. She asks if he's mad at her for the situation. Sex is not an option - she checked. She admits she used to jump into bed with every man she wanted so they wouldn't leave her. He admits he wouldn't leave any woman who slept with him. They agree it's a good idea to wait.

They cuddle, and Christy tries to do a "drive-by" but he tells her if she's curious he can just show her.

Back home, Christy thinks she's blown it. Adam hasn't called in a week. Marjorie reassures her she has done well, but Bonnie insists she was correct.

Furious, Christy goes to his house to yell at him. She was vulnerable, and he blew her off. He is shocked - didn't she get the flowers he sent to the restaurant? He thinks she blew him off. Christy kisses him.

She goes to work and demands Gabriel give her the flowers. He admits he got jealous and gave them to his wife. Rudy gives her a pie, and she smashes it in Gabriel's face.

At home, Christy, Violet and Bonnie eat pudding.

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