More New 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Photos Reveal the Return of Mike

More New 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Photos Reveal the Return of Mike It was only a few days ago that we saw the first promotional photos from "Breaking Bad" season five, but already more have surfaced. And who's complaining? Surely any chance we can get to speculate about one of the most highly anticipated TV premieres of 2012 is a good one.

Careful, if you haven't finished season four, there will be some spoilers ahead.

The latest photos allow for plenty of speculation, too, as Mike makes an appearance. When we last saw Mike in season four, he was dragged by Jesse to a medical tent in Mexico that Gus set up for their escape from the drug cartel. Mike had been shot and was more or less a goner, especially considering that the doctors treated Gus first.

But with these photos, we can see that Mike is back on his feet and back in the game, as he meets with Walt and Jesse in a familiar-looking junk yard. The question is, whose side is Mike on? Last season he was firmly allied with Gus, but Jesse started to earn his way onto Mike's good side. Walt, on the other hand, burned his brige with Mike by repeatedly asking him to help kill Gus. One doesn't just punch someone in the face in a bar because he's slightly annoyed. There has to be some bad blood there.

The pictures tell two stories: in one, Mike has his gun pointed at someone off screen. Is he aiming at Walt? It doesn't look that way, because another pic shows him standing casually with Walt and Jesse in the junk yard. Have Walt and Jesse hired Mike on for muscle in their new endeavor?

Check out the pics below, and let us know your theories!