Too Soon: Will MTV Air Their New Teen Suicide Comedy 'Awkward' After the Amber Portwood Tragedy?

Too Soon: Will MTV Air Their New Teen Suicide Comedy 'Awkward' After the Amber Portwood Tragedy? There's only one guy whose job sucks more right now than the promo director at the Oxygen Channel, and that's the guy at MTV who has to decide what to do about "Awkward," the new scripted teen suicide comedy series set to premiere on July 19th.

In the wake of the attempted suicide of "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood this week, launching the series seems more than a little...well..."Awkward."

To be fair, "Awkward" isn't about actual teen suicide. It's about a girl named Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards from "One Tree Hill" and "Ugly Betty") who becomes a school celebrity after students mistakenly think she tried to commit suicide. The circumstances leading up to the misunderstanding are pretty dark, but the way it plays out is definitely comedy.

We're actually fairly certain that the message of the show is very much anti-suicide, and the show looks pretty funny, but making light of the topic right now? Let's just say "too soon."

As we reported yesterday, "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" star Portwood attempted to take her own life after swallowing a handful of pills and possibly attempting to hang her self (reports mention a rope around her neck). She is currently stable at a hospital in Anderson, Indiana.

The subject of two seperate MTV reality shows on teen pregnancy, Portwood had been experiencing a slate of horrible news as of late. She pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault on the father of her baby, 21-year-old Gary Shirley, and received two years of probation on Thursday of this week. An investigation into the attacks were launched after the series aired footage of Portwood punching Shirley repeatedly on "Teen Mom."

Check out the trailer for "Awkward" and let us know what you think. Should MTV postpone or cancel the show because of the Amber Portwood situation?

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