Natalie Portman to Secretly Wed This Weekend?

Despite the fact that pretty much no one likes Natalie Portman’s baby daddy, Benjamin Millepied, except Natalie Portman, rumor has it that the mega-starlet plans to lock it down this weekend in a super-secret wedding ceremony.

The two have been dating since meeting on the set of “Black Swan” in 2009, and have a 13-month old son, Aleph, together. Millepied was Portman’s choreographer for the much-touted ballet flick before knocking her up and granting Portman official MILF status.

The two are very hush hush about their relationship, but sources say that Portman and Millepied are planning a small, private ceremony in Big Sur this weekend. Big Sur is reportedly Portman’s favorite escape from the L.A. city lights, and an insider is leaking that the wedding “will be a very relaxed affair,” and only for “their closest friends and family.”

So you can stop checking the mail for your invitation now, I’m afraid. No hard feelings.

Reportedly the pair was indulging in a pre-wedding feast this very day, where Portman enjoyed a variety of vegetarian fare and Millepied probably ate a lot of bread and cheese, because he’s French, or something, and I guess they probably do that.

No reports on whether the 33-year old graced the guests with a dance, but since rumor has it the twinkly toed papa is “boorish” and “testy” about pretty much everything, I’d guess not.

Portman, on the other hand, is probably on that “Top 5” list of celebrities you can’t even be mad if your boyfriend sleeps with, because the girl is beyond beautiful, and talented and funny to boot. A lot of hearts are going to be breaking tomorrow if these rumors prove true.

So cross your fingers, folks, that the gorgeous brunette manages to stay single through another weekend, and that somehow Millepied sashays off into the sunset without her.