Fanny Faker: Natalie Portman's Got Another Double (For Her Booty)

The double controversy never ends for Natalie Portman.

First Portman gets an earful from a dancing double who maintains she deserves credit for most of the dancing done in the actress' Academy Award-winning role in "Black Swan," now comes word that Portman's butt had a double in "Your Highness."

In this challenging economy, the fact that the studio was willing to waste money on something so unnecessary has many Americans (okay, maybe just us) up in arms.

U.K. publication The Sun reported that British model Caroline Davis was paid £250 (about $400) to butt in for Portman during a scene where she would have had to stand in a frigid Scottish lake.

Davis told the Sun: "I'm a film studies student, so I jumped at the chance to be on set."

Portman admitted she used a derriere doppelganger, telling the Daily Star, "there's one shot that's me and the shot of her diving into the water is a body double, because I didn't wanna go in the water - it was really, really cold."

Portman stars alongside Danny McBride and James Franco in the David Gordon Green-directed medieval stoner comedy. In the film, Portman plays Isabel, an elusive and dangerous she-warrior who apparently doesn't like getting a freezing fanny.

While we understand not wanting to freeze your tootskies off, we're pretty sure Portman doesn't need a badonkadonk beguiler, a posterior poseur, a rump replica or even a tush twin.

Don't believe us? You be the judge:

On the left: Natalie and her (actual) booty in "Your Highness." On the right: The fake booty in question.