NBC Sets August 'Grimm' Season, 'Go On' Series Premieres

NBC Sets August 'Grimm' Season, 'Go On' Series Premieres It makes decent enough sense.

"Grimm", after all, was hit enough this past fall that it ended up getting a full-season order for nine more episodes after its 13-episode initial run. It got a Dec. 8 "showcase" mini-marathon prime time block to pump up further interest. And now, Deadline reports, it's getting an August second-season launch following NBC's London Summer Olympics coverage. Around the same time, the new comedy from "Friends" alum Matthew Perry "Go On" will be among the first fall offerings from NBC to show its face.

The two have seemed sequentially linked since last month, when "Grimm" got a mid-March renewal for another season. "Go On" followed a mere 10 days later with a full-series order. Deadline adds that rumors have the "Grimm" writing team already cranking on the next round's scripts, with the "Go On" team doing the same as soon as next week. The site claims it's an effort to capitalize on the many, many eyeballs hitting NBC during this summer's Olympic cavalcade.

For the unfamiliar, "Go On" will feature Perry as a coping-with-loss sportscaster who finds many a shoulder worth weeping upon amid a support group. "Grimm", as the name would imply, is set amid a modern world where the fairy tale magic and monsters of The Brothers Grimm's yarns are shown to be very, very real and very, very dangerous. Rumors have persisted that the two shows could also be joined by early-returning hits "Smash" and "The Voice", the latter of which has also been talked about for a summer season almost immediately after this current one wraps.

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