New 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Promo: THAT'S NOT A ROSE!

New 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Promo: THAT'S NOT A ROSE! Well, that does it. I'm never going to the florist again.

I'm going to continue to post these "American Horror Story" promos because they're amazing, but they're starting to rattle my psyche a bit. The promos for season one were creepy in their own right, but for some reason I'm finding these ones to be infinitely more unsettling. Maybe it's the sound?

Anyway, here's the fourth promo in the series, released today on Facebook. This clip is titled "White Rose," and it quickly becomes clear why: most of the short clip focuses on a single white rose against a black background. But then, of course, the rose opens and we get a horrifying glimpse of a screaming inmate of the asylum, complete with loud and startling music sting.

This one follows up the other three in the series: the nun with the bucket, the blue coat, and yesterday's offering of a really frightening bath.

How do you think this season's promos compare to last season's?

Check out the latest AHS promo, "White Rose," below: