New 'Avengers' Trailer: Little Less Talk, Lot More Action

We have seen trailers for "The Avengers" before, but they were a bit limited in showing us the enemy. Thus, they were also limited in showing us our heroes actually fighting said enemy.

But the newest "Avengers" trailer is a different story. There's still some talk, in particular Tony Stark's musings on why he's okay to join the team now and Black Widow's unfortunate task of bringing Bruce Banner/Hulk in. But there's a lot more action.

The trailer shows us plenty of our heroes taking on the enemy, flying through the air and blasting fighters left and right (and then the terrific "I'm bringing the party to you" moment at the end of the trailer). But it also shows us the team fighting each other: it looks like Iron Man and Thor have a bit of a spat, possibly with Cap involved as well.

This all seems to outline the plot of the movie pretty well: team is assembled, team doesn't get along, team starts getting along, team blows up a lot of stuff and causes serious collateral damage to New York in the process.

Check out trailer #2 for "The Avengers" below: