New Bevy Of Angelina Jolie-'Maleficent' Photos

Sure, it's not due into theaters until March 14, 2014. That doesn't mean the pack behind the live-action fairy tale prequel "Maleficent" isn't putting Angelina Jolie through her paces already.

Coming Soon has the latest slate of photos this afternoon showcasing the Oscar-winning Jolie working alongside director Robert Stromberg and others piecing together the story behind how the cruel witch that terrorized Walt Disney's 1959 "Sleeping Beauty" became so hard-hearted.

Of the 15 shots showcased on Coming Soon of the filming in England, most just depict Jolie in a non-descript brown robe - and the vicious Disney mistress' signature horns - wandering about the set. A few, though, showcase Jolie performing what looks to be some wire and blue-screen work.