New Chris Brown Tattoo Looks Uncomfortably Like Battered Rihanna

New Chris Brown Tattoo Looks Uncomfortably Like Battered Rihanna Chris Brown, what in every possible realm of f**k did you do?!

The New York Daily News on Tuesday carried the photo below of this special, dim-witted snowflake's latest tattoo. And nope, Brown isn't even remotely denying that it's the face of a battered woman permanently etched in his neck. His publicist just claims, "It's not Rihanna."

Well. That makes it infinitely better.

That is, it would, except for the fact that it absolutely resembles what the Grammy winner's face looked like after Brown attempted to cave it in while driving the night before the 2009 Grammys.

Wait, my bad. That makes it no better whatsoever.

There's no denying it. Brown has gone beyond nonchalantly blowing off what happened. This can't be seen as much more than actively daring anybody who recognizes him to treat that portrait as the bull's-eye it might as well be. This is an active experiment in re-defining "justifiable homicide."

Rihanna has gone out of her way lately to display her ongoing affection for Brown, including telling Oprah Winfrey she still loves him and openly cozying up to him with a hug and kiss at last week's MTV Video Music Awards.

If she's still so fond after this, then the sympathy has officially been used up. There's nothing that could make this more plain: the convicted woman-beater has a tattoo of a battered woman's face on his neck that strongly resembles the woman he beat.

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