New 'Dexter' Clip Reveals This Season's Killer Calling Card

New 'Dexter' Clip Reveals This Season's Killer Calling Card In the past five seasons of "Dexter," we've seen many different modi operandi from a number of "big bad" serial killers. And whether it was the Ice Truck Killer's creepy blood draining/sawing/Barbie dolls or Trinity's hammer/suicide/bathtub MO, they've been nothing but fascinating. Well...and horrifying.

We know that in "Dexter" season six, we're going to see Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks as the "big bads" throughout the season, but until now their MO was under wraps. Thanks to a preview clip, now we know what they do...and it ain't pretty.

So, first of all, SPOILER ALERT! And second of all, this is a tad gross. You've been warned.

It looks like the victims of the religious group that Dexter will be dealing with inscribes their victims with cuts and stitches that make an alpha and omega symbol. But that's not all... they also sewed something up inside. What is it? A bomb, a la "The Dark Knight?" A living creature of some kind? Those snakes made out of springs that they put in those joke cans?

We'll have to wait for the season premiere to find out. In the meantime, check out the clip below:

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